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This work is an introduction to the geography of the biblical world and an extension of the maps and other geographical information found in the ESV Study Bible (Crossway, 2008). The first of four parts provides an overview of the land in which the Israelites settled and a description of the relationship between archaeology and biblical studies. The second addresses the places and events mentioned in the books of the Bible. In this part, for example, the story of the exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt is not only described but also illustrated with a map showing the traditional route scholars believe they took as well as three alternatives and photographs of Mt. Sinai, where it is traditionally located. Part 3 is a collection of maps that spans the whole of Bible history and ranges geographically from Anatolia to North Africa. Part 4 provides various appendixes and indexes, such as a time line of biblical history, a general index, a scripture index, and an index of known biblical sites. Finally, a CD-ROM accompanies the atlas, providing digital versions of the historical maps. The ESV in the title refers to the English Standard Version of the Bible. First published in 2001, it strives to be an essentially literal translation from a team committed to historic Christian orthodoxy. It would be safe to assume the conservative-Evangelical stance of that translation will also be found in the information presented in this atlas. Recommended for theological and research libraries as we

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ISBN : 9781433501920
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Dimensi : 22.20 x 28.00 cm
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