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Pengarang David G. Firth, Lindsay Wilson
Penerbit IVP, USA
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William Edgar offers a rich biblical theology in light of our contemporary culture that contends that Christians should?indeed, must?be engaged in the surrounding culture. By exploring what Scripture has to say about the role of culture and by gleaning insights from a variety of theologians of culture?including Abraham Kuyper, T. S. Eliot, H. Richard Niebuhr, and C. S. Lewis?Edgar contends that cultural engagement is a fundamental aspect of human existence. He does not shy away from those passages that emphasize the distinction between Christians and the world. Yet he finds, shining through the biblical witness, evidence that supports a robust defense of the cultural mandate to be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it (Genesis 1:28). With clarity and wisdom, Edgar argues that we are most faithful to our calling as Gods creatures when we participate in creating culture.

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ISBN : 0830851782
Penerbit : IVP, USA
Jml Halaman : 262 Halaman
Dimensi : 15.20 x 22.60 cm
Berat : 0.39 kg
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