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Pengarang Herman N. Ridderbos
Penerbit P & R
Harga Rp. 420,000


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Herman Ridderbos does in biblical theology what Cornelius Van Til does in apologetics: he takes the New Testament self-revelation of God as a given and defends it against all (mainly European) comers in a thorough and scholarly (in the best sense of that word) manner. In fact, he says in the Introduction that the fierce controversy over the kingdom of heaven in the past hundred years is actually "a rich source of instruction to the attentive observer. It is above all the confirmation that the power of divine truth which finds its sublime and most variegated expression in the gospel of the kingdom of heaven again and again triumphs over all human limitations and commitments."Ridderbos puts the kingdom of God in its rightful place at the very center of the gospel preached by Jesus: "the whole of the preaching of Jesus Christ and his apostles is concerned with the kingdom of God, Jesus Christ's proclamation of the kingdom we are face to face with the specific form of expression of the whole of his revelation of God." If reading this book attentively does not bring you into a quietly intense frame of worship and thanksgiving, you're just not paying attention. It's not pop theology. But it does amply reward the effort it requires.

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ISBN : 0875524087
Penerbit : P & R
Jml Halaman : 588 Halaman
Dimensi : 14.25 x 21.00 cm
Berat : 0.70 kg
Format cover : Soft Cover
Stok : Tersedia

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