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Pengarang Todd M. Johnson, Cindy M. Wu
Penerbit Baker
Harga Rp. 328,210


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There is an increasing awareness of global interconnectedness. As Christians, we belong to not only a diverse global Christian family but also a diverse human family. In this volume Todd Johnson, a noted expert on global Christianity and world missions trends, and Cindy Wu show how divisions within these families work against our desire to bring about positive change in the world. They provide an overview of global Christian identity, exploring how we can be faithful to our own tradition while being generous and engaging with Christians across denominations, be better informed about and form significant friendships with people of other religions, and be more realistic about our ability to solve the world's problems. The book utilizes the latest research data on global Christianity and world religions and includes tables, graphs, charts, and end-of-chapter discussion questions. Contents Our Global Families: Introduction Part One: Our Changing World 1. Meet Your Global Christian Family 2. Meet your Global Human Family 3. It's a Small World, after All Part Two: Our Changing Identity 4. We Are Family 5. We Are Global 6. We Are Local Part Three: Our Changing Relationships 7. Solidarity with Christians 8. Solidarity with Others 9. Love Thy Neighbor Part Four: Changing Our World 10. What We Can't Do 11. What We Can Do Conclusion Small Group Discussion Questions

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ISBN : 9780801049576
Penerbit : Baker
Jml Halaman : 240 Halaman
Dimensi : 15.24 x 22.86 cm
Berat : 0.23 kg
Format cover : Soft Cover
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