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Pengarang ALBERT HSU
Penerbit IVP, USA
Harga Rp. 217,500


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Hsu (Grieving a Suicide), an associate editor at InterVarsity Press, provides a unique book examining the social and economic forces that created the suburbs, analyzing their strengths and weaknesses and providing a thoughtful critique of what living Christianly in the suburbs should look like. Hsu is writing to a divided Christian culture: one segment would call the suburbs evil and equate them with unhealthy selfishness and excess (which he acknowledges they may promote), while another unquestioningly accepts the suburban ethos without reflecting on how faith should influence suburban life. He reminds readers that the burbs do not inherently prevent a thriving and genuine Christian faith, and stresses that since over half the population now resides there, Christians must figure out how to do suburban living well. They can integrate faith into a suburban life by, say, going out of their way to remember the needs of those around them, giving generously, doing more business in their immediate local area, questioning the urge to buy what advertisers are pitching, getting out of their cars and getting to know their neighbors. Hsu avoids heavy-handed directives, but provides a number of thoughtful alternatives for the way different Christians may work their faith out in suburbia. Every suburban pastor should read this book. (July) Copyright � Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

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ISBN : 083083334X
Penerbit : IVP, USA
Jml Halaman : 220 Halaman
Dimensi : 16.00 x 21.75 cm
Berat : 0.30 kg
Format cover : Soft cover
Stok : Tersedia


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