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Pengarang John W. Cooper
Penerbit Baker
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"Essential reading for those interested in an introductory survey of the development of panentheistic thought because it not only highlights the basic tenents of panentheism but also its intricacies, distinctions, and sources."--Stephen M. Garrett, Heythrop Journal. The God of classical theism is often referred to as "the God of the philosophers." Today, however, the contemporary theological landscape has shifted in the direction of "the other god of the philosophers": panentheism. This intricate and complex worldview literally means that "all is in God." While panentheism is not a new theological system, it has experienced a renaissance, especially among thinkers who study the intersection of science and religion. Philosopher and theologian John Cooper's Panentheism--The Other God of the Philosophers is the first text of its kind written in English. The author traces the origin and development of panentheism from Plotinus to Alfred North Whitehead and beyond. Furthermore, he discusses how panentheism has influenced liberation, feminist, and ecological theologies. The concluding chapter offers a judicious analysis of panentheism, as Cooper explains his commitment to a modified classical theism over panentheism. The book will be required reading for upper-level college courses as well as advanced seminary and graduate students.

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