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Called to Be Saints Called to Be Saints :
By: Gordon T. Smith
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REC : 1 Kings REC : 1 Kings :
By: Philip Ryken
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A Brief History

Momentum is the literature ministry of Reformed Evangelical Movement and Reformed Evangelical Church in Indonesia. It has two forms of ministry: publishing house and book store.

Momentum as a publishing house (Penerbit Momentum/Momentum Publishing) was founded by Rev. Dr. Stephen Tong in Jakarta, marked by the publication of the first issue of Momentum Magazine in 1988. The founding of Momentum Publishing was to answer the need to provide Christian literature from the perspective of Reformed faith in Indonesian language. This had been a deep concern of Rev. Dr. Stephen Tong as by that time he had led revival meetings and theological seminars in numerous places and churches. Hence, he perceived the urgency to make Reformed literature available for believers.

The first line of Momentum Publishing titles were from the series of Rev. Dr. Stephen Tong theological seminars, followed by the second line of translated English books. Since then Momentum Publishing has become a blessing for Christians in Indonesia. From these two seminal lines, Momentum Publishing has developed wider range of publications, which now includes writings and sermons by other ministers of Reformed Evangelical Church (GRII), and translation of English books with more various topics, all of which are carefully selected.

Momentum Bookstore was founded by Mr. James Hartono Setio and Mr. Leo Sutanto (deceased) in 1989, two early followers of Reformed Evangelical Movement in Surabaya, who were concerned to provide quality, faith-nourishing Christian books for believers. They founded the first Momentum Bookstore in Surabaya. In Jakarta, Momentum Bookstore was founded by Rev. Sutjipto Subeno in 1993 in Tanah Abang.

Momentum Christian Literature In 1996, the managements of Momentum Publishing and Bookstore were merged and its head office was moved to Andhika Plaza C/6-7, Surabaya. Since then Momentum Publishing and bookstore became Momentum Christian Literature. Today, Momentum Christian Literature has outlets not only in Jakarta and Surabaya, but also in Malang, Yogyakarta, and Batam. Our head office is in Andhika Plaza C/5-7, Jl. Simpang Dukuh 38-40, Surabaya 60275, Jawa Timur, Indonesia.


Indonesia is lack of Christian literature, both in quality and quantity, on theological as well as practical aspects, to support the growth and nourishment of believers. Instead of pursuing quality in content, most Christian publishers in Indonesia prioritize titles that sell. Hence, good and fine theological books are less published and less provided due to the lack of interest and slow selling.

Moreover, Christians in Indonesia have low reading interest and low reading level which in turn lead to low growth and nourishment of faith by reading fine Christian literature. Most Christians in Indonesia are easily satisfied by short and shallow Sunday sermons. The critical spirit in study and the longing and concern to have deeper knowledge and understanding of truthful Christian faith have not taken root in the life of their mind.

Realizing the needs of Christians in Indonesia, it is our deep concern to provide accessible and affordable Christian literature in Indonesia, with fine quality as well as sufficient quantity.


Our mission is to be concerned about and to work on fine Christian literature by publishing sermons/lectures and translating foreign language books. To achieve this mission, we build strong coorporation with parties which have similar concern and calling. It is only by the empowerment of God that we, with limited power and capability, try to devise and establish a proper framework of Christian literature production and distribution.


MOMENTUM CHRISTIAN LITERATURE started its real step by publishing some titles, building a bookstore network, wholly non-profit orientation. Until today, MOMENTUM CL is fully supported by Reformed Evangelical Church (GRII) in facility as well as financial aspects. The support is needed as we publish not popular-easy to read books, but theological books for nourishing and building the faith of believers in Indonesia.

Momentum Christian Literature tries to give the best services and facilities for each of its members. We endeavour our best effort to provide Christians in general and full-time ministers in particular, who are enlisted in our membership program, with fine-selected books with affordable pricing. In that way, more people can afford our books and thus have access to finely selected books and benefit from their readings.

It is our prayer that some other Christians with better financial resource may support our ministry, thereby enabling us to bring greater blessings for more believers. Some people with similar concern have support our ministry by sponsoring our publications. Others help by advocating our ministry in numerous churches, Christian fellowships, institutions, and ministries. All working together to make these fine-selected books we provide become greater blessings for more people from broader circles. All for the glory of God. Soli Deo Gloria!

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